Sean Johnson Andrews is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies at Columbia College Chicago. He teaches courses in cultural studies and media studies theories, methods and methodologies as well as in digital humanities, globalization and political economy. He researches and writes frequently on media, technology, cultural studies, property, piracy, and the law. He is author of Hegemony, Mass Media, and Cultural Studies: Properties of Meaning, Power and Value in Cultural Production (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2016); co-editor, with Jaafar Aksikas, of Cultural Studies and the ‘Juridical Turn’ :Culture, law, and legitimacy in the era of neoliberal capitalism” (Routledge, 2016); and whose most recent essay appears in Property, Place, and Piracy, edited by Martin Fredriksson and James Arvanitakis (Routledge 2018). He is chair of the Cultural Policy Studies Working Group of the Cultural Studies Association and recently co-edited an issue of communication +1 on the intersection of Media:Culture:Policy. He has served as Treasurer and member of the Executive Committee for the Cultural Studies Association since 2012 and was elected as a member of the Governing Board in 2016. He is currently serving on the Program Committee for the 2018 Annual Conference.